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We live our lives as true partners and share in everything that we do together. We are a husband and wife team, with two little ones, living on a small (micro) farm in northern New Jersey. Our reason for starting Farm & Hand is to share our lifestyle , skills and knowledge with our local community and beyond. Much of what we sell now are things that we wanted to make or grow for ourselves in order to become more self-sufficient and lessen our impact on the environment. We have slowly started to provide ourselves with a good amount of our own grown food and started to replace mass produced items with our own woodenware and pieces from other artist and craftsperson friends that we have met along the way on our journey. On our 4 acre farm, which is also our home and the place of our workshop, we specialize in seasonal flowers, herbs, specialty ethnic culinary crops, unique fruits and native species for habitat regeneration. We use no-till practices in the gardens and build up the soil with decomposed wood chips, straw, aged compost from our animals, which includes grass, leaf and plant debris. We operate with very little energy except our own. Our farm is mostly based off a permaculture approach to creating ecosystems which mimic natural environments by creating a food forest & orchard that is co-planted with native perennials mixed with annual flowers and vegetables. This environment attracts beneficial insects, birds and soil microbes, and important pollinators such as butterflies and bees.


…things in nature are perfect just as they are.

In our shop, traditional wooden wares are thoughtfully crafted by hand with traditional tools. Our products include hand carved and turned bowls, spoons, serving boards, and small batch seasonally produced items, most of which are made to order. Much of our work uses branches and logs collected on our property or foraged from nearby woodlands. Our products are all finished with pure flax oil and this year we are growing our own flax to produce our own oil. We are also going away from purchasing milk paint and moving towards producing our own botanical and natural paints from the flowers we grow and other natural pigments. Our goal is to become a zero input farm and workshop in the next 2-3 years.

Our philosophy in our home and on the farm is to live and work with nature rather than against it. We make products as wood becomes available to us just as we practice regenerative agriculture and think things are perfect in nature just as they are.


Behind the Scenes